Calcul mental, comment faire

Calcul mental, comment faire
par Dario De Toffoli
DARIO DE TOFFOLI (Venise, 1953) parcourt l’univers ludique depuis d’une quarantaine d’années : il écrit des livres et des articles, invente des jeux, organise des événements et, surtout, il joue (et souvent gagne !). Pour lui, les nombres et le calcul sont les instruments d’un beau jeu, celui qui nous aide à garder notre cerveau en forme et à mieux réfléchir.

DARIO DE TOFFOLI (Venice, 1953) has been travelling far and wide through the ludic universe for some forty years : he writes books and articles, invents games, organises events and, above all, he plays (and often wins !). To him, numbers and calculation are instruments of a beautiful game, one that helps us keep our brains fit and think better.
He is the founder of studiogiochi and the creator of the Premio Archimede for unpublished games ; he also was Pentamind World Champion in 2002 and in 2012.
He is the author of Il grande libro del calcolo veloce e mentale, published in Italy by Kangourou and Mondadori.
In the meeting he will make you play with fast calculation and mental calculation, to emphasise that what counts most – even more than knowledge of specific algorithms – is mental flexibility. By finding the right shortcut, one can solve apparently impossible calculations.